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Most Popular Flights to Indonesia

  1. HEL-DPS

    Helsinki to Bali (Denpasar)



    EUR 902
  2. BUD-CGK

    Budapest to Jakarta



    HUF 278,800
  3. AMS-CGK

    Amsterdam to Jakarta



    EUR 1,045
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Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a collection of unique, beautiful islands with varying ways of life, and Finnair flies to Denpasar (DPS). We have flown passengers around the world in comfort for over 90 years. We’ve built an excellent reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and respected airline. Join us on board a flight to Indonesia to experience our stellar service for yourself. 

Destinations in Indonesia served by Finnair

Denpasar is the capital city of Indonesia. It’s a chaotic city filled with lots of cars and small, winding streets. There are some beautiful, gigantic monuments to be seen in Denpasar. Take a look at the Bajra Sandhi monument, Puputan Square and Taman Wedhi Budaya to see the intricate work. To try some local food, head to one of the many local warungs for an authentic taste of the cuisine. From Denpasar you can travel easily around the rest of Indonesia. 

Typical food and drink in Indonesia

Indonesian food is rich in flavour without being overly spicy. Curries tend to be creamy, made with coconut cream. All meals are served with noodles, egg fried rice or boiled rice and often accompanied by fresh seafood, meat, tofu, tempeh or vegetables fried with spices or in a nut satay sauce. Fruit smoothies or coconut water are the most popular drinks. For dessert, you’re likely to be offered a fruit platter or a traditional dish of sticky rice and mango or crepes.

Practical information about Indonesia

Currency – Indonesian rupiah (Rp)

Time Zone – UTC+07:00.

Tipping – Most restaurants will include an 11% service charge, but you can tip extra if you would like. 5-10% of the total bill will be plenty.

Water – The tap water in Indonesia should not be drunk. Either boil water before consuming or buy bottled water.

Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.

Flight Deals to Indonesia

  1. Helsinki (HEL) to Bali (Denpasar) (DPS)

    HEL - DPS


    DPS - HEL


    9 Days
    EUR 785
  2. Copenhagen (CPH) to Bali (Denpasar) (DPS)

    CPH - DPS


    DPS - CPH


    9 Days
    DKK 6,260
  3. Helsinki (HEL) to Jakarta (CGK)

    HEL - CGK


    CGK - HEL


    7 Days
    EUR 745
  4. Dusseldorf (DUS) to Bali (Denpasar) (DPS)

    DUS - DPS


    DPS - DUS


    36 Days
    EUR 1,189
  5. Vaasa (VAA) to Bali (Denpasar) (DPS)

    VAA - DPS


    DPS - VAA


    15 Days
    EUR 915
  6. Oulu (OUL) to Bali (Denpasar) (DPS)

    OUL - DPS


    DPS - OUL


    14 Days
    EUR 1,540
  7. Helsinki (HEL) to Surabaya (SUB)

    HEL - SUB


    SUB - HEL


    25 Days
    EUR 1,731
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