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Kemi to Chania Flights (KEM-CHQ)

Kemi to Chania

When it’s time to leave the snowy landscapes behind, book your flights from Kemi with Finnair and depart from Kemi–Tornio Airport (KEM). We invite you to fly to one of over 100 major cities around the world and we endeavour to make your flight enjoyable, with access to our Nordic Sky Entertainment platform which offers movies, music, and more for everyone.

Kemi–Tornio Airport is located around 6 km from Kemi and 18 km from Tornio. Taxis operate from Kemi to the airport in a short 15-minute journey, and from Tornio it takes 25 minutes.

Departing from Kemi with Finnair

  • At Finnair, we believe that flying should be simple and therefore both online and mobile check-in are available for flights from Kemi–Tornio Airport.
  • We operate up to three flights a day so that you can travel at a time that suits you best.
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Chania is a popular port town on the Greek island of Crete. Gorgeous beaches, the old town’s charming atmosphere and the inviting taverns of the Venetian port make Chania an excellent holiday destination for all ages. Plan your trip with this comprehensive Finnair travel guide to Chania.

Sights in Chania

Chania boasts diverse historic and religious sites, including the 1860 Chania Cathedral Trimartiti, which sits on the site of an old Byzantine church turned soap factory; the Our Lady Catholic Church, which is located on the spot where a Capuchin monastery once stood; and the restored Etz Hayyim Synagogue. The Archaeological Museum of Chania takes you back in time through the town’s long history. Wander through the local squares, like Dikastiria Square and Splantzia Square, to observe traditional local life. A replica of an old Minoan ship can be found at the port, in the buildings of the Grand Arsenal. Other landmarks near the scenic port include a lighthouse and a former mosque that now houses an art gallery. Visit the Venizelos Family Tomb for sweeping views. If relaxing on beautiful beaches and admiring pretty coastal vistas appeals to you more, some of the island’s best beaches include Kedrodasos, Balos, Elafonisi, Falassarna and Gramvousa. More natural attractions await you in the nearby White Mountains, and the Botanical Park of Crete, with its array of plants, flowers, herbs and shrubs, is proving to be a popular place to explore. Although many visitors opt to relax in a nice restaurant followed by an evening walk, Chania has a few bars and clubs if you want to make the night last longer.

Things to See and Do Near Chania

  • Akrotiri – A rocky peninsula, Akrotiri has three atmospheric old monasteries. The oldest—Katholiko—dates back to the sixth century. Built into the cliff, it’s certainly impressive. Gouverneto has the appearance of a fortress and Agia Triada is still a working monastery set in beautiful gardens.
  • Samaria Gorge – A beautiful natural attraction, Samaria Gorge is one of the longest gorges in Europe. Terrific views can be enjoyed along the hike, and it’s located in the island’s only national park. Do be sure to wear appropriate footwear.
  • Maleme – This is where the first ever airborne attack took place. Steeped in World War history, the German cemetery is a sad reminder of the effects of war.

Shopping in Chania

Chania is the main shopping area for the western part of Crete island. There’s a good blend of day-to-day essentials, souvenirs and local crafts.

  • Municipal Market of Chania (Agora) – Originally constructed as a local fresh produce market, today’s visitors will find an assortment of food items, souvenirs and local goods here.
  • Halidon Street – One of the town’s busiest streets, there are varied shops and boutiques here.
  • Skridlof Street – Traditionally a lane of leather workshops, you’ll still find a wide assortment of leather goods here today.
  • Sifaka Street – This is where you can find handmade metal goods produced by local craftspeople.
  • Dimokratias Avenue – The most high-class fashion boutiques sit along this street.

Food and Drink

  • Chaniotiko boureki – A delicacy from Chania, this pie contains potato, cheese and courgettes.
  • Tsikoudia – Also called raki, this local Cretan spirit is made from grapes. The brandy is often fairly strong, with up to 60% alcohol by volume.
  • Cheese – Several cheeses are produced on the island, including mizithra, anthotyros and the hard cheeses of graviera and kefalotiri.
  • Sarikopitakia – A type of cheese pie, the pastry is filled with sheep-milk cheese before being lightly fried in olive oil and sprinkled with honey.
  • Cretan salad – Similar to the traditional Greek salad, the main differences are that Cretan salad is served with the rusks, known as paximadi, and soft cheese. Potato, egg, and courgette may also be added.
  • Apaki– This is pork meat that has been salted, smoked and marinated in vinegar. Herbs and spices are added for extra flavour.
  • Loukoumades – A favourite dessert, these fried pieces of dough come with ice cream, honey and nuts.

Transport in Chania

The heart of Chania can be walked around with ease. Private transport is recommended for sightseeing on the island, though buses do also connect Chania with nearby areas.

  • By foot – Walking is the only practical way to enjoy the port and the Old Town.
  • Buses – Modern buses connect Chania with other parts of Crete. Services are regular and buses in Chania generally run on time. Inexpensive, you can purchase tickets from the bus station or pay the driver.
  • Taxis – Several taxi companies operate in Chania, meaning that taxis are widely available. Call a company to pre-book a ride.
  • Rental car – Having your own private transportation is the ideal way to travel beyond Chania and fully make the most of your time in Crete. Explore small villages, visit remote beaches and see the island’s historic sites with ease. There are several car hire companies and prices are generally reasonable. Roads are usually in good condition with useful signposting.
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