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Find Flights from Budapest (BUD)

Budapest (BUD) Airport Guide

When you are ready to leave the vibrancy of Budapest behind, book your flights from Budapest with Finnair. Your flight will depart from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD). If you are a frequent flyer, join our Finnair Plus program, which rewards you with points every time you fly with us. They can be used to upgrade your experience or book future flights.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport can be reached by the 100E bus from the city centre. The service runs every 30 minutes between 04:00 and 01:00 and takes around 35 minutes, costing 900 HUF. Alternatively, taxis are available to drive you the 16 km from the city to BUD.

Departing from Budapest with Finnair

  • Your Finnair flight from Budapest will depart from Terminal 2B.
  • Check-in opens 2 hours before departure, closing 45 minutes before the plane sets off.
  • Self-service check-in kiosks are available.
  • The SkyCourt Lounge is an excellent place to unwind before your flight.

Flight Deals from Budapest (BUD)

  1. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Helsinki (HEL)

    BUD - HEL


    HEL - BUD


    32 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 56,900
  2. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Ivalo (IVL)

    BUD - IVL


    IVL - BUD


    22 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 172,000
  3. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Oulu (OUL)

    BUD - OUL


    OUL - BUD


    56 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 76,500
  4. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Vaasa (VAA)

    BUD - VAA


    VAA - BUD


    13 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 140,600
  5. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Turku (TKU)

    BUD - TKU


    TKU - BUD


    5 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 61,100
  6. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Hong Kong (HKG)

    BUD - HKG


    HKG - BUD


    2 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 171,600
  7. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Singapore (SIN)

    BUD - SIN


    SIN - BUD


    80 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 488,000
  8. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Yangon (RGN)

    BUD - RGN


    RGN - BUD


    7 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 288,800
  9. Budapest (BUD) cmp-preposition--destination-place Miami (MIA)

    BUD - MIA


    MIA - BUD


    21 cmp-trip-length-days
    HUF 1,051,700
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