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Interesting facts about Tel Aviv

Lying on Israel’s western coast, Tel Aviv is a true Mediterranean gem. The bustling, laid-back metropolis is full of clubs, bars, restaurants and cafés … and people who are always up for a good time. The city’s ten-kilometre-long coastline is dotted with gorgeous beaches, each just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant, bustling centre. Plan your visit with this Finnair travel guide to Tel Aviv.

Sights in Tel Aviv

Be sure to check out the Old Jaffa district, with its historic landmarks and one of the world’s oldest ports, and climb Jaffa Hill for terrific views of the surroundings. Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighbourhood is a must-visit for food enthusiasts, as it offers a great selection of high-quality restaurants. After a delicious meal, there’s no better way to top off the experience than taking the elevator to the 49th floor of Azrieli Center Circular Tower and enjoying the breathtaking panoramic view. Stroll along Rothschild Boulevard, often said to be one of the city’s prettiest streets, admire the opulent buildings of Tel Aviv University and relax in Joshua Gardens. Summer attracts large crowds to the beaches, where you can enjoy sandy shores, refreshing waters, beach barbeques, music and a lively ambience. Furthermore, the Shore Promenade is a pleasant spot for a walk. Tel Aviv has many interesting museums, including the Eretz Israel Museum, the Museum of the Jewish People and the Museum of Town History. Art lovers are well-catered for too, with the large Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Rubin Art Museum and Gutman Art Museum. Indeed, if art is one of your main passions then you should definitely check out Ben Yehuda Street; there are several independent art galleries along this one road and a further 20 in the nearby area! Tel Aviv isn’t lacking when it comes to family-friendly attractions either. Take the kids to Luna Park theme park and the water parks of Yamit 2000 and The Meimadyon. Head to Tel Aviv Port, Tayelet, Karlibach or Ibn Gvirol for some of the city’s best nightlife; or if you’d prefer a more cultured evening, the Tmuna Theatre and New Israel Opera might be more appealing.

Things to See and Do Near Tel Aviv

  • Superland – Located in the nearby city of Rishon LeZion, this amusement park features rides much faster than those found in Tel Aviv. It’s likely more suited to teenagers and adults than small children.
  • Petah Tikva – If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a few hours, a trip to tranquil Petah Tikva could be ideal. Afek Park is home to the remains of a medieval fortress and the lively market is a great place to observe local life.
  • Apollonia National Park – This scenic coastal park has an old fortress built by the Crusaders, and there’s also a 13th-century mosque and Roman villa close by too.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a haven for people who love to shop when on vacation, with a rich mixture of shopping centres, colourful markets, small boutiques and run-of-the-mill general shops. The city boasts the biggest ratio of shopping mall per square metre per capita of anywhere across the globe.

  • Levinsky Market - Situated in Florentin, this market sells fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to a huge assortment of spices and dried fruits.
  • Dizengoff Street – A number of speciality shops can be found along this city centre street, and it’s also home to the city’s first mall: the Dizengoff Center.
  • Azrieli – The city’s largest mall is located in the city centre. Shops include a blend of international and domestic brands with a balance between luxury and affordable goods.
  • Central Bus Station – This large shopping centre is perfect if you’re looking to take home some bargains from your trip to Tel Aviv.
  • Gordon Street – The art galleries along this road could be an excellent source of unique souvenirs and gifts.
  • Nachalat Binyamin – This pedestrianised area has a large arts and crafts market.
  • Jaffa Flea Market – This is a great place to browse and pick up unique and exotic souvenirs.

Food and Drink

  • Shakshuka – A traditional egg-based breakfast dish, also containing chopped tomatoes, peppers and coriander. It is traditionally served in the skillet that it was cooked in.
  • Falafel – A popular street food and available almost everywhere you look, these deep-fried balls of ground chickpeas or fava beans are typically served with pickles and a flavourful sauce.
  • Wine – Israel has numerous wineries and you can try wines made from various grapes as well as those made from other ingredients, like cherries, dates and figs.

Transport in Tel Aviv

A large and sprawling city, while walking around certain districts is the best way to take in the sights, transportation will be needed to move between different areas. Fortunately, Tel Aviv’s public transport system is reliable and efficient.

  • By foot – Walking is the best way to explore the ancient streets of Old Jaffa, and there are several pedestrianised areas around other parts of Tel Aviv.
  • By bicycle – Numerous bikes are available to rent around the city; simply use your credit card to register at one of the bike stations, take the bike, and return it to any station. You can choose a one-, three- or seven-day pass. Do note that day passes cost more at weekends. Alternatively, bike rental is free for the first half an hour. There are several designated cycle pathways around the city.
  • Buses – Tel Aviv is served by a modern, affordable and reliable bus network. Services are regular and generally run from early in the morning until midnight. A few services do operate later into the night, providing a way to get back to your accommodation after a night out. It is, however, worth keeping in mind that most buses do not run on the Jewish Sabbath, from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. While single tickets bought from the driver are available, a more cost-effective way of using Tel Aviv’s buses is to buy a top-up card. The top-up card results in a substantial discount on fares. You could also purchase an unlimited day pass or a ticket that is valid for a week or a month.
  • Minibuses – Yellow minibuses operate on several fixed routes around the city, and the prices are comparable to those of the buses. You don’t need to go to a stop to catch them; flag them down anywhere along their route and, if they have space, they will stop. Payment is given to the driver.
  • Taxis – There are many taxis in Tel Aviv. Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked via telephone. Unlike in many other cities around the world, calling to book a taxi is a little more expensive than catching one off the street. Taxis should use their meters unless you both agree on a set price before the journey begins.

Weather in Tel Aviv

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