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Finland is nature at its very best. Finland spends most of the year as a frozen paradise before bursting into life and colour for a short-lived summer. Finnair serves Helsinki (HEL), Ivalo (IVL), Joensuu (JOE), Kajaani (KAJ), Kemi (KEM), Kittilä (KTT), Kokkola (KOK), Kuopio (KUO), Kuusamo (KAO), Oulu (OUL), Rovaniemi (RVN) and Vaasa (VAA). At Finnair, we are proud of our long heritage. We’ve been operating for over 90 years and have a wealth of experience in customer care and enjoyable, comfortable journeys. Book your flights to Finland with us today to experience our classic Nordic hospitality.

Destinations in Finland served by Finnair

  • Helsinki is a great starting point for your trip to Finland. You can explore the beautiful white Helsinki Cathedral set in Senate Square, check out the local art galleries, or just enjoy some delicious local cuisine in one of the city’s many restaurants. Book your plane tickets to Finland’s capital for a diverse and interesting holiday.
  • Ivalo may seem like a small town, but it’s one of the largest in the region. Fly to Ivalo if you fancy trying some ice fishing or want to catch the Northern Lights or the midnight sun.
  • Kajaani is a quiet settlement in the Kainuu region. Head to nearby Paltaniemi to see the picturesque riverside church, or book a husky tour to experience the snowy wilderness.
  • Kemi’s main attractions include a castle made of snow and icebreaker cruises. It’s a magical and breath-taking destination like no other.
  • Kuusamo should be your next stop if you want to glide down some of the world’s best ski slopes.
  • Joensuu, meaning ‘river mouth’ in Finnish, was an important trading port in the 19th century. These days it’s a modern and lively university town.
  • Kokkola is an ancient fishing town, with wooden houses and dusty streets. Catch a boat out to Tankar Island and take a look around the old Lighthouse Station.
  • The city of Oulu is made up of a series of islands connected by bridges. It’s known for its Arctic berry markets and its university’s technology graduates – some of the best in the world. Oulu is a great destination to visit on any trip to Finland.
  • If you want to explore western Lapland and see some awe-inspiring landscapes, Kittilä and nearby Levi are the places for you.
  • The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, is Santa Claus’s official hometown. The streets are even laid out in the shape of a reindeer’s head and antlers when viewed from above! If planning a Christmas trip, be sure to reserve your tickets to Finland well in advance.
  • Kuopio is a sunny lakeside town with a handful of interesting museums to satisfy those who are more into culture than the great outdoors. Nonetheless, it will appeal most to those who like hiking, pleasure cruises and enjoying a beer in the sunshine.
  • Vaasa is known for its beaches, with seven great ones near the city center. It’s also in one of the sunniest parts of Finland. Fly to Vaasa for a great summer holiday in Finland. 

Typical food and drink in Finland

Finnish cuisine is based on whole grain starches such as rye bread or oats alongside berries and meats. Traditional Finnish food relies heavily on locally sourced ingredients such as barley, reindeer, and lingonberry. Fish and vegetables are also often used alongside dairy products such as buttermilk. Fly to Finland and satisfy your taste buds with popular dishes like lohikeitto (a creamy salmon soup), mustamakkara (blood pudding), reindeer, herring, and vorschmack (salty minced meat).


From festivals with religious roots and cultural celebrations to summer music festivals and tantalising foodie events, there are many great festivals to enjoy in Finland.

Juhannus, also known as Midsummer Festival, is one of Finland’s most popular events. Held at the end of June, festivities include large bonfires, maypole dancing, music, feasting, and drinking.

In July, the week-long Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is the largest folk music and dance festival of all the Nordic nations.

Towards the end of August, the Night of the Arts takes place in various Finnish cities. Diverse art events start in the early evening and continue until late at night.

Helsinki is home to the Baltic Circle Festival each November. It’s a top event for fans of the arts and film.

Christmas is an enchanting time to visit Finland and celebrations for New Year are lively.

If you plan on visiting one of Finland’s awesome festivals, be sure to book your Finland flights in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Practical information about Finland

  • Currency – Euro (€).
  • Time Zone – UTC+02:00.
  • Tipping – Tipping is not expected but will be appreciated.
  • Water – The tap water in Finland is safe to drink.
  • Electricity – 220 volts or 50 Hz.


Book flights to Finland for any season and you’ll find plenty of great things to see and do.

Weather-wise, summer is often considered the best time to visit Finland with long, sunny days and numerous lively events. Conversely, winter is the best season to enjoy diverse snow sports, meet Santa Claus in Lapland, and spot the Northern Lights. Spring and autumn have pleasant temperatures and are often the best months to get a good deal on your airfare to Finland.


Start your Finland holiday before you even land when you book flights to Finland with Finnair, one of the leading Finnish airlines. We offer flights to Finland from numerous cities worldwide, including Hong Kong, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. There are also excellent domestic routes, with Finland flights connecting Helsinki with Oulu, Kuopio, Kemi, Ivalo, Joensuu, Rovaniemi and more.

Don’t forget to consider an upgrade to Nordic Business Class when booking your flights to Finland. You can benefit from delicious in-flight cuisine, various priority services, an increased luggage allowance, and other excellent perks.


Flight Deals to Finland

  1. New York (JFK) to Helsinki (HEL)





    13 Days
  2. Los Angeles (LAX) to Helsinki (HEL)





    7 Days
  3. San Francisco (SFO) to Helsinki (HEL)





    7 Days
  4. Chicago (ORD) to Helsinki (HEL)





    8 Days
  5. Charlotte (CLT) to Jyväskylä (JYV)





    7 Days
  6. Miami (MIA) to Helsinki (HEL)





    7 Days
  7. Baltimore (BWI) to Helsinki (HEL)





    15 Days
  8. Chicago (CHI) to Helsinki (HEL)





    7 Days
  9. Los Angeles (LAX) to Oulu (OUL)





    7 Days
  10. New York (NYC) to Helsinki (HEL)





    7 Days