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Greece is unbelievable ancient ruins, romantic towns and never-ending coastlines. Finnair serves Athens (ATH), Chania (CHQ), Kos (KGS) and Rhodes (RHO), among others. We fly to Greece from over 100 cities in Europe alone, so wherever you are in the world, Greece can easily be your next holiday destination. Book your flight to Greece with Finnair today to discover the gorgeous white sands and turquoise seas for yourself.

Destinations in Greece served by Finnair

  • Athens is the best destination for those wanting to discover ancient Greece. From the Parthenon to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, this is the city to brush up on your history.
  • Chania is the second-largest city on the island of Crete. Thanks to its Venetian and Turkish influences, it’s a vivid and atmospheric city with fascinating architecture.
  • Rhodes offers a good amount of sightseeing, but it is also one of the most beautiful and most popular beach destinations in Greece.
  • Kos is popular with families and tourists because of its lively town centre and abundance of activities, but every street is also strewn with architecture and history, as well as stunning beaches. Some consider it the best all-round destination in Greece.

Typical food and drink in Greece

Food in Greece is served rustically and often is meant to be shared. Sharing platters or ordering many small plates, tapas style, is typical. The cooking is simple, often based on a tomato sauce and flavoured with local ingredients and olive oils. Meats are mostly chargrilled. Alcohol tends to be strong spirits in Greece. From aniseed-flavoured ouzo to a distilled grape concoction known as rakija, the taste is strong and very alcoholic.

Practical information about Greece

Currency – Euro (€).

Time Zone – UTC+02:00.

Tipping – Some restaurants will automatically round up the bill to include a tip so make sure to check before you leave a gratuity. A 5-10% tip is customary.

Water – The tap water in Athens and other large towns is safe to drink but in smaller destinations it is best avoided.

Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.

Flight Deals to Greece

  1. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Chania (CHQ)

    LED - CHQ


    CHQ - LED


    15 Days
    RUB 22,081
  2. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Rhodes (RHO)

    LED - RHO


    RHO - LED


    14 Days
    RUB 26,248
  3. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Corfu (CFU)

    LED - CFU


    CFU - LED


    36 Days
    RUB 25,062
  4. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Heraklion (HER)

    LED - HER


    HER - LED


    17 Days
    RUB 26,789
  5. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Zakynthos (ZTH)

    LED - ZTH


    ZTH - LED


    8 Days
    RUB 45,652
  6. Moscow (SVO) to Heraklion (HER)

    SVO - HER


    HER - SVO


    15 Days
    RUB 84,670
  7. Saint Petersburg (LED) to Santorini (JTR)

    LED - JTR


    JTR - LED


    14 Days
    RUB 97,987