Moscow to Havana Flights (MOW-HAV)

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Moscow to Havana Flights (MOW-HAV)

Moscow to Havana

Your Finnair flight from Moscow will depart from Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), located around 32 km to the northwest of the city, or Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME), 42 km to the south. Finnair invites you to fly with us to one of more than 100 locations around the world. Experience for yourself why we have been proud servants of the planet’s skies for over 90 years.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is easily reached via public transport from Moscow. Aeroexpress operate a nonstop line which links Belorussky Station and the airport, with the journey taking around 35 minutes. Alternatively, the 817 and 851 bus lines run between the airport and various areas of the city, departing every 10 minutes with a journey time of between 33 and 55 minutes.

Departing from Moscow with Finnair

  • When it’s time to leave Moscow, your Finnair flight from Sheremetyevo International will depart from Terminal D.
  • Check-in at SVO opens 2 hours before departure and closes 45 minutes prior to your flight.
  • Alternatively, you can save time by checking-in online or on your mobile as we believe that flying should be as effortless as possible.

Cuba’s ancient capital Havana is a cultural haven, a foodie’s paradise and a city filled with sun, sea and salsa. Explore the world-famous Cuban icons including the beautiful old streets, ancient churches and revolutionary history in the mesmerising city of Havana.

Sights in Havana

Havana’s most beautiful scenery lies in its historic architecture in Old and Central Havana, dating back to the 16th century and the colonial Spanish. Havana is also known for its role before and after the Cuban Revolution, a period that can be explored via the Museum of the Revolution and the Plaza de la Revolucion. The city also offers other faces of history, including its decadent past in the form of the Havana Club Rum Distillery, its plethora of theatres and clubs, its literary works and the brightly-coloured classic American cars – now a tourist attraction.

Things to See and Do Near Havana

  • Old Havana – You won’t need to walk too far before you find yourself awestruck by Old Havana’s architecture. Every street offers a tiny new bar or sandwich shop to enjoy, with live street music and local sales people bringing elements of Cuban life to every corner.
  • The Malecon – While Havana’s beach isn’t much to shout about, the promenade that lines the shore, also known as the Malecon, is world famous. Take a walk along the stretch of ocean to discover its beauty and observe the changing cityscape as you go.
  • Classic car riding – It may seem like a touristic pursuit, but not to ride in a classic open-top car that dates back to the 1950s and 60s is a missed opportunity. Touts sell car journeys all around Old Havana and Centro Havana, but be sure to agree your fare price before getting into one.
  • Colon Cemetery – The Colon Cemetery, named after Christopher Columbus, is a sight worth seeing. An unusual place of history and discovery, the cemetery is made up of 80,000 graves, many of which were built by extremely wealthy families, and is a beautiful memorial to Havana’s past lives.

Shopping in Havana

Havana is home to endless souvenir markets, boutique shops and one-off antique stores you simply cannot find anywhere else. Ideal if you’re looking for that perfect Cuban-style souvenir or keepsake.

  • Centro Cultural Antiguos Almacenes de Deposito – This is the go-to local market in Havana. Here you can find handmade souvenirs and beautiful crafts that are entirely unique to Havana’s artisans.
  • Memorias Libreria - An antique store that is worth visiting. The shop is dedicated to selling antique books and any rare artefacts from Cuban history; even if you aren’t in the market for antiques, it’s still worth exploring to learn more about Cuba’s history.
  • La Casa del Habano Quinta – This is one of Havana’s most popular cigar stores. Enjoy a tour of the store, a sample of the cigars on offer and learn more about the Cuban cigar process from one of the friendly staff.

Food and Drink

  • Moros y Cristianos – A famous staple Cuban meal made up of filling beans and rice which is usually served as an accompaniment to other foods, such as meat.
  • Black bean soup – Hearty, delicious and filling, Cuban black bean soup (Frijoles Negros) is a popular and traditional meal for lunch or dinner in Havana.
  • Ajiaco – Ajiaco is a stew that is often made with potatoes, beans and vegetables; it is rarely completely vegetarian as it is mostly served with beef or chicken.
  • Fruit smoothies – Thanks to the city’s tropical climate, the fresh fruit smoothies on offer in Havana are to die for and include pineapple, mango and melon.
  • Mojitos – One of Havana’s most famous cocktails is the Mojito. Now world famous, a Cuban mojito is made up of fresh lime, soda, mint and ice mixed with white Havana rum.  

Transport in Havana

  • Classic car – It’s too easy and too much fun not to hail a classic car to take you to your destination. You will find the cars parked all over Old and Central Havana, but be sure to secure a price with the driver in advance and limit your trips to shorter journeys.  
  • Taxis – You can also take a “normal” taxi in Havana, but be aware that any taxis that are not Government taxis are illegal for tourists to take.
  • By bicycle or on foot – The best way to enjoy Havana is to walk or cycle. You can spend more time getting to know the city and taking in the sights.

Weather in Havana

32°C 20.10.2019
32°C 21.10.2019
31°C 22.10.2019
31°C 23.10.2019
30°C 24.10.2019
29°C 25.10.2019
30°C 26.10.2019
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