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Oslo to Helsinki Flights (OSL-HEL)

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Oslo to Helsinki

Bid the Tiger City “ha det” (goodbye) and prepare to greet the White City of the North as you settle into your seat on your Oslo-Helsinki flight.

While there are many similarities between the two Scandinavian capitals, there are also plenty of differences … You can both feel right at home and have the excitement of discovering plenty of new sights.

Oslo’s city centre is mostly sleek, modern and trendy, while Helsinki has a much more cultural feel with liberal splashes of cool designs. Nature is easier to access from Oslo, with Norway known for its mountains, but Finland boasts gorgeous lakes and forests, some of which are easy to explore from the capital.

Trade Akershus Fortress for Suomenlinna, the Viking Ship Museum for the Museum of Finnish Architecture, and the island of Hovedøya for Lauttasaari island. Swap pop music for metal, football for ice hockey, and the Norwegian national dish of fårikål (stewed mutton with boiled potatoes) for Baltic herring with mashed potatoes.


Finnair has at least three daily direct flights from Oslo to Helsinki, with a good choice of departure times to suit most travellers.

The Oslo to Helsinki flight time is around 01h 20min, providing a quick and convenient connection between the two Nordic capitals.

You can easily transit through Helsinki to reach other destinations around Finland too, including Ivalo, Vaasa, Tampere and Kemi. Waiting times between flights are usually fairly short and you’ll find plenty in the airport to keep you occupied while waiting. Conveniently, all transfer services and gates are in the same building at Helsinki Airport.

Whether catching Oslo-Helsinki flights for business or pleasure, enjoy excellent services in the air. Convenient check-in options and the option to upgrade to Nordic Business Class help make Finnair a popular airline.

Book your cheap flights from Oslo to Helsinki with Finnair for a pleasant journey.