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Japan is a unique and beautiful Asian country spread across a series of large islands. You will encounter a fascinating mixture of the ultra-modern and the deeply traditional.

Finnair serves 4 airports in Japan, covering the major cities of Nagoya (NGO), Osaka (KIX), Tokyo (NRT/HND) and Fukuoka (FUK). Book your flights to Japan with us and experience the unique charms of this incredible nation.

Destinations in Japan served by Finnair

  • Tokyo is perhaps the world’s most modern city and has a population of a staggering 37 million. But owing to the efficient design, layout and transport you will discover that it never feels too crowded. As you’d imagine, it has outstanding shopping and restaurants, bars and nightlife to suit all tastes. A great way to take in the city is by strolling through the delightful Inokashira Park. If you’re a fan of Anime, check out the excellent Ghibli Museum nearby.
  • Osaka is Japan’s third-largest city and offers lots to see. Shitennōji Temple and Sumiyoshi Shrine are excellent examples of ancient Shinto places of worship, and there is a wealth of museums as well as Osaka Castle for you to explore.
  • Nagoya is a hub of Japanese industry and is home to Japan’s automobile trade. It has a proud heritage because it is the region where Japan’s famous Samurai warrior culture evolved, so there’s plenty of historic interest for visitors.
  • Fukuoka is a bold and modern city, the largest city on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. You will find it very welcoming to visitors with an easy to navigate subway and plenty to see, such as the Hakata Michiya Folk Museum and the Riverain Complex, which is a luxury boutique shopping mall.
  • Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido prefecture. It is known for its world-famous Snow Festival and delicious ramen, as well as its beautiful parks and hills.

Typical food and drink in Japan

Japan has a sophisticated and delicious cuisine that is based on seasonal and fresh (sometimes raw) ingredients served with rice as the staple. Since Japan is an island, seafood forms a large part of their diet but meat such as the famous Kobe beef is highly valued too. Make sure you try the ubiquitous Miso soup, which is a delicious soybean-based accompaniment to many Japanese meals.

Practical information about Japan

  • Currency – Yen (¥)
  • Time Zones – UTC+09:00
  • Tipping – Tipping is not compulsory or expected but is greatly appreciated.
  • Electricity – 100 volts or 50/60 Hz. (US plug)
  • Country Code – +81

Flight Deals to Japan

  1. Amsterdam (AMS) to Tokyo (NRT)





    3 Days
  2. Amsterdam (AMS) to Tokyo (HND)





    13 Days