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Sweden is a gorgeous winter paradise with charm. Zip down ski slopes, relax in chalets, row over lakes or explore charming cities all in a beautiful, tranquil setting. Finnair serves the cities of Stockholm (ARN), Gothenburg (GOT), Visby (VBY) and Umeå (UME). We like to reward our loyal customers. That’s why with Finnair Plus, you can move to higher tiers to unlock great member benefits such as an additional luggage allowance. Become a member today to start earning rewards for your flight to Sweden.

Destinations in Sweden served by Finnair

  • Start your trip to Sweden in Stockholm, one of the biggest and most popular cities in the country. Here you can take a stroll by the seaside or get a bird’s-eye view of the coastline from the top of Mosebacke, also known as Moses Hill. Stockholm is bustling with restaurants, bars, theatres and museums and offers great insight into Swedish culture. Disembark from your flight to Sweden’s capital and get ready for a great adventure.

  • Fly to Gothenburg for a similar but more relaxed experience – perfect for those of you who prefer a slower pace!

  • If you’d like a more historic insight into Sweden, Visby is the perfect pit stop. This quaint little town is very medieval and is still enclosed by a 13th-century stone wall.

  • Umeå is a must-see for music lovers. This small university town is heavily populated with students and is known for its huge music festivals and non-stop jam sessions. Experience the town’s youthful vibe and energy as soon as you get off your flight to Umeå.

Typical food and drink in Sweden

Swedish food is about contrasting flavours and combining savoury and sweet – one of the most famous examples being meatballs and lingonberry jam. Meals are often very meat-based, and game is particularly popular. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut are also commonly eaten alongside potatoes and vegetables. Other local treats to sample after flying to Sweden include raggmunk (a fried potato pancake), pickled herring, crayfish, gubbröra (an anchovy and egg salad), pea soup and open sandwiches.


Sweden hosts many fascinating festivals throughout the year, with religious celebrations, cultural and traditional events, music festivals and more to add to your itinerary. Fly to Sweden in the summer for the widest choice of events.

Walpurgis Night is a major celebration on 30th April, with dancing around bonfires, costumes and parades to celebrate the arrival of spring.

There are countrywide parades for May Day (1st May). Sweden boasts the biggest air show in Scandinavia, with many people flocking to the country in May for Gothenburg Aero Show.

6th June is National Day, with colourful parades and other celebrations. June also sees the Midsummer Festival, one of the most important festivals in Sweden. People feast, sing, dance around the maypole and enjoy being outdoors.

Malmo Festival, Stockholm Folk Festival and Gothenburg’s cultural festival (Kulturkalaset) are highlights in August.

The two-week Stockholm International Film Festival, held each November, is a must for film buffs.

Christmas, known locally as Julstaden, involves joyous celebrations, including singing, food, lights, gifts and varied performances.

Check the dates and book your plane tickets to Sweden in plenty of time to enjoy some of the country’s exciting festivals.

Practical information about Sweden

  • Currency – Swedish krona (kr).
  • Time Zone – UTC+01:00.
  • Tipping – A service charge is often included on bills, so tipping isn’t necessary. If a charge is not included on your bill, a 5-10% gratuity is plenty.
  • Water – The tap water in Sweden is safe to drink.
  • Electricity – 220 volts or 50 Hz.


With plenty to enjoy throughout the year, there really is no bad time to book your flights to Sweden.

If you’re seeking sunshine and warm temperatures, May to September is the best time to visit Sweden. Fly to Sweden in June and July to experience the midnight sun.

The weather can be very changeable in spring and autumn, and you’ll need to pack for all conditions. You may have lovely sunny days followed by days of endless drizzle. This is generally the best time to beat the crowds, get better deals on accommodation and find cheap flights to Sweden.

Although winters are cold, snowy and icy, this is the perfect time to enjoy snow-based activities. Meet Santa Claus in Lapland, stay in an ice hotel, go husky sledging, stroll around Christmas markets and try to catch sight of the stunning Northern Lights.

Check out Finnair’s deals on flights to Sweden all year round.


The most popular flights to Sweden from the US depart from San Jose in California. You can also fly to Sweden from various US cities, connecting via Helsinki.

Our Sweden flights arrive from a wide range of global destinations, with Stockholm welcoming the most arrivals.

Book your airline tickets to Sweden with Finnair for excellent in-flight comfort and services. Enjoy extra perks, such as priority boarding and check-in, tasty in-flight dining and wines from the exclusive menu and free lounge access when you fly in Nordic Business Class.