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Visit South Korea AND FLY TO South Korea WITH FINNAIR

South Korea is a beautiful landscape filled with natural attractions and must-see scenic points, and Finnair serves Seoul (ICN). We know that when you’re travelling, you’re eager to get to your destination. That’s why when we fly to South Korea, we always fly the short northern route. It’s just one of the things we do to make our flights more comfortable and more convenient. Book your flight to South Korea with us today.

Destinations in South Korea served by Finnair

Seoul is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in traditional South Korean culture and see the fast-paced, ever-growing city. There’s plenty to see and do in Seoul. If you’d prefer to head to more historic attractions, look for Bukchon Hanok village or Changdeokgung. If you’re looking for some authentic food during your visit, head to Gwangjang market.

Typical food and drink in South Korea

The flavours in South Korean food tend to be heavy handed, so if you don’t like spice or garlic, it’s best to specify that when placing your order. Nearly all meals are served with rice, although often noodles are used instead. There’s plenty of options for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Some specialities to try on your visit include Bibimbap, a boiled rice dish served with vegetables, chili, meat and egg, and Kimchi, a side dish consisting of fermented cabbage, turnips, onion, fish, red pepper and chestnuts.

Practical information about South Korea

Currency – Won (₩).

Time Zone – UTC+09:00.

Tipping – South Korea has a no-tip culture but feel free to leave a gratuity at your own discretion.

Water – It is not advised to drink the tap water in South Korea.

Electricity – 220 volts or 60 Hz.