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Visit New Zealand AND FLY TO New Zealand WITH FINNAIR

New Zealand is a lush, green and peaceful paradise with natural beauties unlike any other. Finnair serves Auckland (AKL). The flight to New Zealand is a long one. Not to worry, we’ll make sure it’s a comfortable one too. With our quality in-flight entertainment system, delicious meal choices and the option to upgrade to our Economy Comfort seats, you’ll arrive in New Zealand rested and ready to explore! Book your flight to New Zealand with us and fly the Nordic way.

Destinations in New Zealand served by Finnair

Auckland is a great base point to explore the wider area. You can explore the harbour or get a bird’s eye view from the top of the sky tower. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even bungee jump from here! Mount Eden is also a great lookout to see Auckland. If you want to head out of the city, take a boat out to the beautiful Waiheke Island.

Typical food and drink in New Zealand

New Zealand cuisine is very western, so you can expect meat, potato and vegetable meals, pizzas, pasta dishes and plenty of vegetarian options. Coffee is a big staple in the New Zealand diet but it can be very strong! There’s plenty of fresh fruit to enjoy, and New Zealand is famed for its delicious wines!

Practical information about New Zealand

Currency – New Zealand dollar ($).

Time Zone – UTC+12:00.

Tipping – Tipping is not compulsory. Feel free to leave a 10% tip at your own discretion.

Water – The tap water in New Zealand is safe to drink.

Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.