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Belgium is a cosmopolitan nation at the heart of Europe. It offers you historic cities and a fascinating mix of the old and the modern.

Finnair serves Brussels Airport (BRU) in Belgium. Book flights to Belgium with us and explore the highlights of a deeply historical country situated right in the heart of Europe.

Destinations in Belgium served by Finnair

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is the perfect place to begin your visit to the country. In fact, as well as being the national capital, Brussels hosts the administration headquarters for many departments of the European Union. A great place to begin your exploration of the city is the Grand Place/Grote Markt, which is a central gathering place. It’s beautifully lit-up in the evenings and is surrounded by splendid architecture like the City Tower. Road signs are in both French and Flemish, representing the bilingual nature of the country, although you will also find that nearly everyone speaks English and often other languages as well in this international melting pot.

Typical food and drink in Belgium

Without question, Belgium’s most popular food is the delightful combination of fresh and juicy mussels and crunchy, salty French fries that is Moules Frites. And this, of course, is best enjoyed in combination with one of Belgium’s impressive selection of rich and fruity beers, many of which are brewed by Trappist monks.

Practical information about Belgium

  • Currency – Euro (€)
  • Time Zones – UTC+01:00
  • Tipping – Most restaurants have a service charge included in the bill so only tip to reward exceptional service.
  • Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.

*Fares include all applicable taxes and surcharges.

Flight Deals to Belgium

  1. Nagoya (NGO) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    NGO - BRU


    BRU - NGO


    13 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 101,690
  2. Tokyo (TYO) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    TYO - BRU


    BRU - TYO


    3 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 116,730
  3. Osaka (OSA) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    OSA - BRU


    BRU - OSA


    3 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 117,430
  4. Osaka (KIX) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    KIX - BRU


    BRU - KIX


    11 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 112,160
  5. Tokyo (NRT) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    NRT - BRU


    BRU - NRT


    11 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 118,010
  6. Okayama (OKJ) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    OKJ - BRU


    BRU - OKJ


    11 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 128,590
  7. Tokyo (HND) cmp-preposition--destination-place Brussels (BRU)

    HND - BRU


    BRU - HND


    21 cmp-trip-length-days
    JPY 150,250