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Interesting facts about Kittilä

Silence, purity and nature unlike anywhere else in the world – welcome to Levi and Kittilä in Finnish Lapland! Situated north of the Arctic Circle, this is a popular vacation spot for winter sports enthusiasts and fans of dramatic nature. This Finnair travel guide to Kittilä will tell you everything you need to plan your perfect holiday in this winter wonderland.

Sights in Kittilä

Instead of four seasons, Kittilä and Levi introduce you to eight. The seasons are rooted in the culture of the ancient Sámi people, the traditional inhabitants of Lapland. To survive in the harsh northern climate, they always needed to listen to nature. What does crusted snow feel like under your feet? What do the Northern Lights sound like? How does it look when autumn tinges the fells and forests with the hues of red and gold? No matter the season, visiting Kittilä and Levi will certainly be a unique experience. Many visitors come in the winter months, when skiing and other snow sports reign supreme. Levi and Ylläs are the main ski centres in the area, each offering exhilarating experiences. Lively Levi is one of Finland’s largest areas for winter sports, and the après-ski scene is energetic too. There are 45 pistes for downhill skiing, as well as more than 200 kilometres (124 miles) of skiing tracks and even more extensive routes for snowmobiling. In Ylläs you’ll find 60 slopes, including the longest slope length of 3000 metres (9842 feet). The Kittilä area promises not only excellent downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, but also exploring with snowshoes, rides on husky- and reindeer-pulled sledges and ice fishing. Winters also tempt people with the chance of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights, which are generally visible between September and March. Summers here are exciting too, with hiking and biking in the mountains and canoeing and fishing in the rivers and lakes. Many visitors may be surprised to find great golf courses set in lush green surroundings. See lots of local wildlife, including Arctic foxes and reindeers, at Levi Husky Park, visit Kittilä Town Hall, admire the art at Einari Junttila Art Museum and Palsa Museum and learn more about the area’s people and past at Kittilä's Museum of Local History and Culture.

Things to See and Do Near Kittilä

  • Lemmenjoki National Park – The largest national park in Finland, attracting outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and people who want to try their luck at panning for gold.
  • Samiland – Located at Koutalaki ski village, Samiland offers interesting insights into the life and traditions of the native Sámi people. There are both indoor and outdoor displays that include shelters and transportation, art, clothing, music, hunting and more.

Shopping in Kittilä

Although not a shopping destination, Kittilä still has several places where you can give your credit card a workout and purchase local arts and crafts, Finnish fashions and outdoor clothing.

  • Ainut Shop – Located in Kittilä town, this is a good place to find local souvenirs.
  • Shopporo – This is a top choice for people who want to buy fashionable clothing for men, women and children.
  • Asuste Taika – You’ll find a good selection of clothes, shoes and accessories here.

Food and Drink

  • Lakkalikööri – A great way to warm up from the inside out, this is a locally-made liqueur, produced using cloudberry.
  • Poronkäristys – This reindeer meat dish is a speciality in Lapland. The sautéed meat is usually served with mashed potatoes and a chunky preserve made from lingonberries.
  • Cloudberry jam – The preserve is made from small local berries that are rather similar to blackberries and raspberries.

Transport in Kittilä

Although the villages are easy to explore on foot, transportation is generally required to move between the various villages and explore areas farther afield.

  • By foot – Walking is often the best way to move around the villages, with facilities all grouped in close proximity to each other. In the winter months, snow shoes can come in useful and skiing is a popular means of moving around the snowy streets.
  • Buses – Regular local bus services in Kittilä transport people between the area’s different villages.
  • Taxis – Although pricey compared to buses, taxis are sometimes the only practical option for discovering places that aren’t on bus routes (in the absence of renting a vehicle or joining a tour).
  • Snowmobiles – As well as providing a fun outdoor activity, snowmobiles are an important means of local transportation in the winter months.

Weather in Kittilä

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17°C 18.07.2019
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21°C 20.07.2019
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22°C 22.07.2019
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