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India is a huge South Asian country that has everything. There are beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, deserts and the world’s highest peaks. There is history, mystery and huge cities that are overflowing with life, culture and excitement.

Finnair serves two airports in India, covering the capital city New Delhi (DEL) and the beach holiday destination of Goa (GOI). Book your flights to India with us and experience the wonder of this astonishing country.

Destinations in India served by Finnair

  • Delhi is India’s capital city and is a huge metropolis that is a sensory kaleidoscope. Part of the joy of the place is the seeming chaos of its day-to-day bustle. You’ll find fabulous places to visit, like the huge and imposing Red Fort, or the National Museum that has historical riches of astonishing antiquity. Many visitors stay in the relative haven of central New Delhi, a leafy suburb that radiates out from Connaught Place.
  • Goa is one of India’s most popular destinations where you can bask on scores of palm-fringed sandy beaches. The area has a reputation for being more easy-going than other parts of the country and there is a strong party vibe that attracts ravers and party goers. But it’s also just a great place to relax and experience the unique atmosphere of this welcoming former Portuguese colony.

Typical food and drink in India

Indian food is fabulously diverse, colourful and most of all flavourful. Food is typically, but not always, heavily spiced and flavoured with a vast array of herbs and spices. For a simple introduction, why not try the delicious North Indian tandoori chicken? It features juicy marinated chicken charcoal-cooked in a traditional clay tandoor oven, served with light and fluffy naan bread. Delicious!

Practical information about India

  • Currency – Indian Rupee (₹)
  • Time Zones – UTC+05:50
  • Tipping – Tipping is not compulsory or expected but is greatly appreciated.
  • Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.
  • Country Code – +91.