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Tiny Estonia is almost completely surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea and, even though swimming isn’t always allowed by the cool climate, there are hundreds of picturesque beaches for you to enjoy. This northernmost of the Baltic States is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Northern Europe due to its natural beauty and warm welcome. Fly to Estonia and discover a real Baltic gem.

Finnair serves two airports in Estonia, covering the cities of Tallinn (TLL) and Tartu (TAY). Book your flights to Estonia with us and experience the quiet charm of this small but pretty country.

Destinations in Estonia served by Finnair

You will discover that Tallinn is an extremely attractive medieval town that has managed to keep most of its ancient buildings and city walls intact. It is, therefore, a treasure trove of historical architecture (listed by UNESCO on its World History List). When you climb the central area of Toompea you will enter a cobbled maze of ancient buildings surrounded by a well-preserved city wall and large green parks. Step back in time when you disembark from your flight to Tallinn.

Tartu is Estonia’s second city and is a university town where English is widely spoken and you’ll be welcomed warmly by the cosmopolitan locals. It has an impressive Old Town, and the Estonian National Museum is a great place to explore. You’ll be able to feel the youthful energy almost as soon as you get off your flight to Tartu.

Other top Estonia destinations within easy reach of Tallinn or Tartu include Estonia’s biggest national park, Lahemaa National Park, as well as the winter capital of Otepää, the old Soviet base of Paldiski, and Narva (Estonia’s third-largest city).

Typical food and drink in Estonia

Black rye bread is the staple food of Estonia and is served with most traditional main courses after a salad dish to start and then a soup to follow. Pork is the most popular meat, but seafood is well liked too. Rich and meaty flatfish like herrings and flounder are, particularly in demand. Other popular dishes to try when you get off your flight to Estonia include sprat sandwiches, sült (a jelly-like aspic filled with meat, vegetables or fruit), mulgipuder (a potato and grain dish) and leivasupp (a sweet apple and black bread soup).


Estonia’s diverse calendar of festivals and events can add something special to your trip. Do check out what’s happening when flying to Estonia and experience great national and local celebrations.

In May, the family-friendly Hiiu Folk Festival is a great time to learn more about Estonian culture and traditions. At the end of the month, Old Town Days brings more music, food, parades and fun to the capital.

Victory Day is on 23rd June. Midsummer is also celebrated around the same time, with feasts and parades. Head to the small island of Muhu at the end of June to experience a long-established musical celebration, the Juu Jääb Festival.

July sees Saaremaa Opera Days on the island of Saaremaa, with inspiring classical and operatic performances. The XXV Viljandi Music Festival, one of the country’s biggest and most popular music festivals, also takes place in July.

20th August is the national celebration of the Day of Restoration of Independence.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is a November highlight in the capital.

Consider buying your plane tickets to Estonia to coincide with one of these lively and interesting festivals.

Practical information about Estonia

  • Currency – Euro (€)
  • Time Zones – UTC+02:00
  • Tipping – Tipping is not compulsory or expected but is greatly appreciated.
  • Electricity – 230 volts or 50 Hz.
  • Country Code – +372


Generally, the best time to visit Estonia is from late spring to summer when the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy being outdoors. If you want to make the most of Estonia’s beaches, the short summer (mid-June to August) is the ideal time for a holiday in Estonia. The warmer months also see the most celebrations and festivals.

Early spring and autumn are the best times for travellers on a budget to visit Estonia, with better chances of finding cheap flights to Estonia and deals on accommodation. The autumn colours can be especially beautiful.

Winters are long, cold and dark, with plenty of snowfall. This can also be a beautiful time to visit Estonia, with snowy landscapes to admire and frozen lakes and rivers that entice ice skaters. There are saunas to warm your body, enchanting Christmas markets, and winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledging and Nordic walking.

Whatever season you plan to visit in, book your flights to Estonia in advance for the best deals.


Book Estonia flights with Finnair from numerous destinations worldwide and transit through Helsinki to reach the charming Baltic state. All gates and passenger services are within one terminal building at Helsinki Airport, helping you to have a hassle-free transfer.

Flights to Estonia from the UK are especially popular, with departures from cities including London and Manchester. Our flights to Estonia from London take a little over four hours, including the short transit time. Additionally, our direct flights from Helsinki to Tallinn take just 30 minutes.

Enjoy the best of Nordic hospitality when you fly with Finnair. Pre-order your meals and pre-book your seats for optimum comfort. Alternatively, why not upgrade to Nordic Business Class for priority services, an included meal, and other benefits? We are a top choice for all your airline tickets to Estonia.