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Interesting facts about Nanjing

As the capital of several former Chinese dynasties, Nanjing is home to some of the country’s most impressive temples, traditional buildings and ancient architecture. The city’s modern museums and ancient structures mark some of China’s key moments across history. Book your Finnair flights to Nanjing, China, for a fantastic trip back in time.


Nanjing is a city filled with landmarks, each one marking a moment in Chinese history. Some of the most impressive sites lie in the ancient architecture and temples of the city, and even the walls that were erected to surround the city during the Ming Dynasty. Discover some of the city’s hidden treasures in the Nanjing Museum exhibition halls and marvel at the modernity on streets that are filled with life. There’s plenty to enjoy when you fly to Nanjing.


Flying to Nanjing with children? Here are some family-friendly Nanjing travel ideas.

Xuanwu Lake – Take a boat ride on the lake, stroll around the leafy islands, and have a picnic in the park.

Zijinshan Observatory – Learn more about astronomy and see interesting devices used to monitor the planets and stars.


Nanjing Museum – A trip to Nanjing isn’t complete without a trip to the city museum. The Nanjing Museum offers exhibitions from old to new and has some incredible artefacts that can’t be found anywhere else in China - including some Han dynasty burial suits.

Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum – One of the most famous locations in the city, Dr Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum is home to the founder of the Republic of China and the revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen. This impressive structure is surrounded by beautiful forest and took almost four years to construct.

The Confucius Temple – Also known as Fuzi Miao, the Confucius Temple is a shrine to the great Chinese philosopher and thinker Confucius and is one of the oldest buildings in Nanjing, dating back to 1034.

Ming City Walls – Original Ming Dynasty walls can be found across the cityscape, with some restored castles and ancient temples punctuating the fortifications. Dating back to the 14th century, about a quarter of the original outer city walls of Nanjing are still in existence.


Nanjing is a hub for retail therapy enthusiasts; whether you are looking for a key designer or a simple souvenir to take home, Nanjing will offer you every shopping delight possible.

Xinjiekou - The business centre and shopping district in the city, Xinjiekou is at the heart of Nanjing’s downtown. Expect to find famous brands, large shopping centres and department stores here.

Fuzimiao Market - This is the number one shopping destination if you are in the market for everything and anything; browse through wholesale items of every variety at low prices.

Hunan Lu – This is one of the most popular streets for shopping in Nanjing and is located close to the city’s ancient wall. The street is lined with clothes shops, restaurants and boutique stores that range from mid-to-high-end shopping experiences.


Like any Chinese city, Nanjing is a hub for all things edible. From delectable street foods to main meal favourites, there are some dishes you cannot leave Nanjing without sampling. Satisfy your appetite with these delicacies after your flight to Nanjing.

Salted duck – This salted variety of duck (preserved in a special brine) is usually served cold and as a starter or alongside another meal.

Dumplings – Pan-fried dumplings are a popular snack or main meal in Nanjing, usually filled with tasty beef and onion stuffing alongside a hot soup. Soup dumplings are also a popular treat, with chicken soup and pork soup Nanjing specialities.

Duck blood soup – A local’s cheap eat, duck blood soup is often sold as street food or in local restaurants and is accompanied by vermicelli.

Hairy crab – Nanjing is famous for its hairy crab festival which takes place during the autumn months, during which time you can also sample the speciality in local restaurants and at street vendors.

Fermented sweet rice wine – Rice wine (Jiuniang) is a soup-like drink that is usually made by local people.

Soybean milk – This natural and sweet drink is made from soybeans and is usually boiled or made at home with a milk machine.


City buses – The city bus in Nanjing is a flexible and affordable way to get around, costing around 1 CNY per ticket.

Metro – The Nanjing Metro runs through the city, serving set areas that are mapped out across the region.

Taxis – Nanjing has a vast network of taxis to accommodate tourists hoping to travel around the city; these include old cars and electric cars.

Ferries – It’s also possible to take one of the seven regular ferries and three tourist ferries that operate via the Nanjing Ferry Company.


Summer is a sweltering time in Nanjing, and it’s easy to see why the city is known as one of the Three Furnaces. June and July are the rainiest months and humidity is high, while August is the hottest month. That said, June to August is Nanjing’s peak tourist season, so you are advised to book your airline tickets to Nanjing early if you plan to visit at this time.

Winters are cold and damp and there’s a high chance of snow. Winter is the off-season for tourism in Nanjing. This is, therefore, an ideal time to find cheap flights to Nanjing. If you want to see the stunning prune blossoms in their full glory, buy your plane tickets to Nanjing for January.

The best time to visit Nanjing is generally considered to be in the spring or autumn, especially if you want to make the most of the surrounding nature and natural attractions. The weather is pleasantly cool and dry.


Most of Finnair’s flights to Nanjing are on A350 aeroplanes. Spacious and modern, planes feature plenty of comforts and use the latest technology. With the shortest routes between Europe and Asia, Finnair is a top choice for flights to China.

Finnair connects more than 100 destinations around the globe. Book flights to Nanjing from the UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark and more for great in-flight comfort and genuine Nordic hospitality.

Flying to Nanjing for work? Why not fly in Nordic Business Class? As well as free lounge entry in certain airports, priority boarding and luggage collection and an exclusive in-flight menu, you can also benefit from fully flat seats to land full of energy. Check out our Nanjing flight deals for a comfortable and pleasant trip.

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