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Find Flights from Kemi (KEM)

Kemi (KEM) Airport Guide

When it’s time to leave the snowy landscapes behind, book your flights from Kemi with Finnair and depart from Kemi–Tornio Airport (KEM). We invite you to fly to one of over 100 major cities around the world and we endeavour to make your flight enjoyable, with access to our Nordic Sky Entertainment platform which offers movies, music, and more for everyone.

Kemi–Tornio Airport is located around 6 km from Kemi and 18 km from Tornio. Taxis operate from Kemi to the airport in a short 15-minute journey, and from Tornio it takes 25 minutes.

Departing from Kemi with Finnair

  • At Finnair, we believe that flying should be simple and therefore both online and mobile check-in are available for flights from Kemi–Tornio Airport.
  • We operate up to three flights a day so that you can travel at a time that suits you best.
  • For flights from Kemi, travel with Finnair and experience flight the Nordic way.

Flight Deals from Kemi (KEM)

  1. Kemi (KEM) to Helsinki (HEL)

    KEM - HEL


    HEL - KEM


    15 Days
    EUR 109
  2. Kemi (KEM) to Amsterdam (AMS)

    KEM - AMS


    AMS - KEM


    6 Days
    EUR 260
  3. Kemi (KEM) to Malta (MLA)

    KEM - MLA


    MLA - KEM


    7 Days
    EUR 352
  4. Kemi (KEM) to Dubrovnik (DBV)

    KEM - DBV


    DBV - KEM


    11 Days
    EUR 390