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Find Flights from Gran Canaria (LPA)

Gran Canaria (LPA) Airport Guide

Your Finnair flight from Gran Canaria will depart from Gran Canaria Airport (LPA), which is located 19 km south of the city of Las Palmas. We invite you to fly from Gran Canaria and explore one of over 100 major cities around the world – with something for everyone. If you are a frequent flyer, join our Finnair Plus program and get rewarded when you fly with us or our partner airlines.

Gran Canaria Airport can be easily reached from various points around the island by taxi, as this is the most popular method by far. Alternatively, there are several special bus services from most areas of the island.

Departing from Gran Canaria with Finnair

  • Here at Finnair, we offer up to five flights a week from Gran Canaria so that you can travel at your convenience.

Fly from Gran Canaria with us and discover why we have remained one of Europe’s leading airlines for more than 90 years.